Life Cycle Cost Saving

Air Conditioning System (AC) Life cycle Cost = Initial Cost + Utility (Electrical Power) Cost + Maintenance Cost

LEAFA & Current AC system Life Cycle Cost Comparison

LEAFA Project will be designed as per the international standard ASHRAE for the required comfort indoor condition at the peak time: Room Temperature 23.5 C, relative humidity 50% RH and 700 ppm CO2 level. To compare the pricing of LEAFA Project with the current AC system design the mentioned hereinafter example will be itemized as per the feature of LEAFA system. For example if the project is building with (200) rooms requires 30% fresh air and the load calculation is 1000 ton. LEAFA design will recommend (40) units each of 25 Ton while current AC system units will be over (200) units.

Items LEAFA ACSystem Current ACSystem
Design Technology Cost 100,000 50,000
Implementation Technology , Inspection & Commissioning 100,000 100,000
AC Units 1000 Ton Capacity Evaporator (AHU, Fan coil, etc.) 400,000 400,000
LEAFA Fresh Air Pre Cooling System / Current AC Fresh Air Energy Wheels 300,000 100,000
Installation cost : for LEAFA the ducting network will be sized for 50% of the supply air volume and this will reduce the material and installation cost 300,000 500,000
Variable Air volume- VAV system 200,000 200,000
AC Units 300 Ton Standby 0 100,000
Total Installation Cost 1,400,000 1,450,000
10 Years power Consumption Cost
If Other AC system consumption will be 10 KWH/ Ton per day for current AC system and the Electric bill is USD0.05/KWH. LEAFA will be 50% less. 912,000 1,825,000
Maintenance of every AC unit just for preventive maintenance: 5 Hr/ month , if the maintenance cost is $20/Hr then, 480,000 2,400,000
Total Life Cycle Cost 2,792,000 5,675,000
Total Life Cycle Cost Saving 51%