Applied Research

This kind of research is done through applications and started by BARDA Air-conditioning Company (1992) by doing tens of projects which lead to successful results forming the basis for a new Air Distribution Method as the given title for LEAFA Patent;

  • Year 2014, an application of LEAFA Outdoor (LOD) has been started

with a pre-engineered system.

  • The plan is to do projects in 2014 for at least 50 system of LOD-1000.

Living Labs

Two buildings are located in Jeddah, KSA has been designated as Living Labs (2013). All Indoor existing AC system has been converted in the living lab has been converted to be LEAFA AC system and working as of now for more than six (6) months. LEAFA AC system in the living lab is working with 100% fresh air and less energy.

Malaysia R&D Center

This center is for Mega Projects (1 million (SM)) ore above. Research will be done to control the Life Cycle Cost of LEAFA AC system to be at least 40% less than the normal AC system.