Current A/C system major Problems

Current Air Conditioning (AC) system major Problems:

The current AC system design has two major shortfalls LEAFA which are:

  1. Polluted Indoor Air Quality – from closed air cycle and building’s air circulation:

Tiny pollutants i.e. viruses, bacteria are hard to catch or filter, and can’t use killing agent i.e. chemicals are dangerous when inhaled. Air pollutants are recycled in the air conditioned building rooms through the return air by the A/C unit. This will cause viruses/bacteria and germs of many diseases to find its suitable environment for growing and spreading all over the air’s path inside the building. This will cause the spread of diseases among the building’s occupants, severely happened in public buildings i.e. hospitals, schools, hotels etc.


  1. High Energy and Power Consumption:

When fresh air is increased-up to comply with the standard CO2 recommended level of 700 ppm. In hot climate countries i.e. Saudi Arabia and Gulf area many official public companies where they have people gatherings i.e. Mosques, Schools, Hospitals even governmental buildings don’t meet the standard requirement of fresh air and the CO2 level can be as high as 1500 ppm over the allowable limit of the World Health Organization (WHO).

Overcoming this problem is to provide more fresh air to the building, and this will lead to the high poerd requirement and/or more capacity of air-conditioning units in order to meet the WHO standard.