Co-founders & supporting team

20 co-founders are supporting LEAFA technology to be published and spread worldwide.

Co-founders realized that the amount of effort needed to be exerted in the coming five years in order to bring LEAFA solution to the world, and they team up to bring LEAFA dream a reality.

Co-founders team is a multi experience, high qualified and high skilled members from different working and business fields

Here is a summary information of the co-founders team members:

  1. Mohammad N. Al Ansari
  2. Abdullah A. Al Ansari
  3. AbdulRahman A. Al Ansari
  4. Fahad A. Samander
  5. Kamel A. Samander
  6. Naif M. Samander
  7. Samier Zuheeri
  8. Salem Ba Roboud
  9. Abdul Aziz Al Hamdan
  10. Hamza A. Al Shaibani
  11. Mohammad H. Al Attas
  12. Faraj Y. Afana
  13. Yousof F. Afana
  14. Ahmad H. Younos
  15. Mohammad A. Al Andanousi
  16. Prof. Hesham Mortada
  17. Dr. Sameer Zamzami
  18. Dr. Zaki Al Bakri
  19. Eng. Jamal Abdo
  20. Dr. Jerry Gordon