About Us

LEFA provides an innovative concept to air conditioning systems. LEAFA optimizes space cooling, air distribution and climate control while reducing energy consumption.

Our Client’s need is well understood:

To reach to the requirement of comfort zone, air conditioning system must provide more than just cooling. Supplying fresh air with humidity control to a level of tolerable range is essential.

LEAFA provides solutions to most of A/C systems complains, which are:

  • Low cooling
  • Indoor air pollution, caused by improper ventilation.
  • High power consumption.

Total Ventilation (100%) Fresh Air:

Most conventional HVAC systems do not provide proper fresh air. If there is any fresh air provided, the percentage of it to the air volume in the system is 10% to 30% maximally.

This revealed in additional power consumption requirement as the fresh air percentage in the system is increased.

Also, low percentage of fresh air along with excessive using of the space by more people leads to decrease of space air quality.

LEAFA has overcome these symptoms by supplying 100% conditioned fresh air to the space while saving more than 30% of the consumed power compared to current system of equal or less than 30% fresh air.

Different Thinking:

Unlike conventional A/C systems, where condensate water is routed to drain and room air is directed to the A/C unit as return air.

LEAFA has reversed this concept. In LEAFA, condensate water is directed to LEAFA device (fixed at the air inlet to the A/C unit), while the room air is routed to the outside atmosphere.

Green … Green . Go Green:

LEAFA is committed to its clients to provide 100% filtered, clean, odorless FRESH AIR.

This will improve the specification of the indoor air specifications as well the energy is less compared to the others when fresh air is to the standard requirement of CO2 level.


See Adel Ansari Inventor personal file attached


LEAFA projects Co.

LEAFA PROJECTS Co. is a continuation of BARDA Aircon Est. (1992), Jeddah, KSA.

Founders of both are (4) main founders and (16) others as co-founders. have more than 20 years experience in the field of air-conditioning projects designing, construction and maintenance.

The discovery of the new Air Distribution Method which has been filed as patents in Malaysia, KSA, Gulf Countries &USA is just the start. Tens (10’s) of devices will be filed as patents under the title of LEAFA in the near future.

Share Holders:

  • Adel N. Al Ansari
  • AbdulHamied Abdullah Al Andanousi
  • Mohammad Saleh Samander
  • Zuhair Nooruddin Kalantan

LEAFA Sister companies :

LEAFA projects will be managed by existing several companies as follow:

1. BARDA AIRCON- 1992, KSA (main developer)

2. BITS Design- 2013 , Malaysia (electro mech. Consultant)

3. LEAFA R&D factory- 2013 Malaysia (R&D center for mega projects)

4. 3S3H company, for LEAFE implementation in Hotels.

5.Jeddah one Co.

6.Main country HVAC contracting company (TBD) – (as consultant & contractor)


Co-founders & supporting team:

16 co-founders are supporting LEAFA technology to be published and spread worldwide.

Co-founders realized that the amount of effort needed to be exerted in the coming five years in order to bring LEAFA solution to the world, and they team up to bring LEAFA dream a reality.

Co-founders team is a multi experience, high qualified and high skilled members from different working and business fields

Here is a summary information of the co-founders team members:

(** information of each member will be inserted later)

  1. Mohammad N. Al Ansari
  2. Abdullah A. Al Ansari
  3. AbdulRahman A. Al Ansari
  4. Fahad A. Samander
  5. Kamel A. Samander
  6. Naif M. Samander
  7. Samier Zuheeri
  8. Salem Ba Roboud
  9. Abdul Aziz Al Hamdan
  10. Hamza A. Al Shaibani
  11. Mohammad H. Al Attas
  12. Faraj Y. Afana
  13. Yousof F. Afana
  14. Ahmad H. Younos
  15. Mohammad A. Al Andanousi